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The Original Dynaline Gas Fired Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners was first built in 1985 and was later replaced by the Dynaline II, which in turn was replaced by the current Dynaline 3.

To order parts for your Dynaline, Dynaline II or Dynaline 3 you will need to know the following from the units serial number plate.

Model Number
Serial Number
Part Number
Part Description

Part numbers are 6 digit numbers and can be found in your owners’ manual or the parts diagrams on the website.

e.g. DL-1220B, DL-II 1220 DT, DL-3 0912
e.g. 073498246 (nine digits)
e.g. 208-230/1
e.g. 230757
e.g. Transformer

Lost, confused, not sure what part to order? Call Phil at 517-676-4366

Over the years Suburban has made numerous HVAC models. They were sold under the following names:

All of these are obsolete models and parts availability varies, however some Dynaline parts cross over to these older models – call for assistance and availability.


For APPLIED COMFORT equipment parts follow this link:


                 WARNING: Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause

                                   property damage, personal injury or loss of life. Refer to the installation instuctions  

                                   and/or owners manual provided with the unit.  Installation and service must be

                                   performed by a qualified installer, service agency or utilty technician.

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